Friday, April 5, 2013

The Brilliant Bus

Courtesy of the Palm Beach Post

Well this is something different.  We have a bus.  What’s so special about a bus?  This bus is a unique creation by retired Estella Pyfrom.  So a retired woman purchased a bus; what’s the big deal?  Well, how are you reading this: your phone, your computer, or a tablet, right?  This is something many people, especially children, do not have access to.  A simple desktop computer is something that a lot of us take for granted.

Estella Pyfrom realized this and with her retirement money spent an initial $450,000 on “Miss Estella’s Brilliant Bus”.  The bus was fitted with 17 computers loaded with educational software.  The bus tours around the Palm Beach area in Florida, allowing children without access to a computer get their hands on one.

She does have certain rules like no gum and no going on Facebook.  She has the stations set up to follow state mandated curriculums.  Children are only allow to progress to the next level of education on her bus if they get a 90% or higher on each level.  Now those are some standards! 

She does not just cater toward children though.  She also aids the parents of the children with helping them with writing a resume, finding affordable housing, and searching for jobs.  If that’s not enough, Pyfrom has also partnered with a nonprofit organization in the community to help provide meals to 3,000 residents each month!

The total running cost is reaching almost 1 million dollars to maintain and modify the bus.  However, Pyfrom is not looking for an easy retirement. 

"I'm not tired yet. And I don't think I'm going to get tired," she said.  "I'm constantly charged up.  I look at the faces of the children and I get energized."

Now that’s a pretty bold statement; one that I can personally respect.  So many people are in a rush to help the children in Africa and other less fortunate areas, and while I will say there is nothing wrong with that, charity and goodwill should start from home.  There are millions of families here in the United States that can use our help.  Estella Pyfrom is helping with this amazing idea.

If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to help Estella Pyfrom continue this dream, visit Miss Estella’s Brilliant Bus website here!

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