WasabiCars – Car Spotting in Japan

If you are reading this, then you are interested in cars in one way or another.  The same goes for the man Daniel O’Grady, the Australian living in Japan.  Daniel always had an interest in classic cars when he lived in Australia, but after he moved to Japan, his love for cars translated into classic Japanese cars.  This led to his YouTube Channel: WasabiCars.

Daniel explains the name and goal of WasabiCars perfectly on his WasabiCars website: “WasabiCars is all about car-spotting, and these are the cars I spot.  It's Wa ( - Japan) often sprinkled with sabi ( - rust), and of course they're cars!”

While we all love seeing the classics restored, Daniel has a special place in his heart for those left to rot; the ones that have not been moved in years; the ones that are a pile of rust; the ones that have stories to tell, but will never have anyone to tell them to.  However, he does more often than not upload videos of resorted cars at car shows.

To date, Daniel has over 1,200,000 views on his 379 videos.  He only joined YouTube in February of 2012!  There is more to Daniel then just uploading videos; Daniel O’Grady is all about fan interaction.  He knows that he would not be where he is today without his fans.  He is constantly responding to comments on YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter, and he even makes shout-out videos thanking his biggest fans.  Sometimes he will get away from the cars, and just talk to the camera about life (even though that usually has to do with cars as well).

One of his most popular videos is actually of an American car graveyard located in Japan.  It features a Z28 Camaro, some Mustangs, a Corvette, and more.  To this day it remains his most popular video with over 320,000 views to date!

I personally love his videos, and his style.  There are so many review videos and what not on the web.  Daniel’s videos and short, entertaining, funny, and just a pleasure to watch.  Most of his videos around, or under two minutes.  One of the best things is the narration.  Daniel is not an expert.  He learns as he goes, and teaches his findings to his viewers.  THAT is what I can appreciate. 

If you are looking to learn a bit about the classic cars found in Japan (Japanese, British, American, and more), then you need to check out WasabiCars!

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  1. The best contact I know is a fellow Australian by the name of Samual Kemp. He's a recognized expert on Japanese cars (being a Japanese car importer himself) and works in the automotive freight industry as his day job.


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