Part Man, Part Thunderbird

When one gets into a car crash, some terrible injuries can occur.  This is what happened to 75 year old Arthur Lampitt when he got into a car accident 51 years ago.  Lampitt had purchased his brand new 1963 Ford Thunderbird, and soon after crashed it into a truck.

He did survive, but he had many injures including a broken hip.  When he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors focused most on his hip, and didn’t pay much attention to the other injures that he had.  Fast forward to the last few weeks of 2014, Lampitt was moving some cinder blocks when he reported some pain in his arm.

ABC News reported that Lampitt’s wife, Betty, said his arm began to bulge after he initially mentioned the pain.  Lampitt thought maybe that a medical instrument was left in his arm after he had the surgery back in the ‘60s.  However, after he looked through some old photographs of the accident, he noticed that the turn signal lever was missing.

After going to the hospital, it turns out that he was closer to his Thunderbird then he had imagined: the turn signal lever was embedded into his arm!  For all these years, he had no knowledge of this.  We are not talking about something small either: this is a 7 inch piece of metal that was stuck in his arm!

It was successfully removed in January of 2015.  He said he was unsure what he would do with the lever.  He thought perhaps he would make a keychain out of it.  What would you do with it?

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