Dirty Windshield Solved! (Torino Time)

1971 ford torino 500 restoration torino time florida fluid leak 

I had a little bit of time, and a new camera that I wanted to test out, so that means my 1971 Ford Torino 500 got a little more work done, and Torino Time got another episode. This time, I tackled the windshield washer fluid system. 

Now, why did I go for something so minor versus tackling the rust or turn signal? Well, this was easy, and cheap to do. The motor worked, so all I needed was to replace the hoses. Before I started this project, I removed the fluid reservoir, and broke it in the process. I had to seal up the bottom. I time went on, I realized that I didn’t do a great job on that.

Regardless, the old hoses literally fell apart in my hands, so those had to go. I got some cheap hose from Home Depot and went to work. It was pretty straight forward with removal. The hardest part was getting the rubber grommets in the hood out in one piece, which I did manage to do. Then it was equally as challenging to remove the old hoses from those grommets. Basically when the hose was stuck anywhere, breaking them was the answer.

Installation was a breeze. However, I nearly gave up when the reservoir started leaking, and nothing was coming out of the sprayers. I popped one of the hoses off the sprayers, engaged them, and got sprayed with water. So, there was pressure, but it stopped at the sprayers. Turns out, they were painted over. 

I sanded the ends down, and shoved a metal pick in the front of them to pry them open. One more test fire, and they worked like a charm. The driver one sprays over the roof, while the passenger one is about half the power. Either way, it works for me! 

Want to see my process? Check out the video! Now, I got a new camera, and I am still getting used to the settings. There was a lot that was out of focus. Sorry! I’m a sound guy, not a video guy. 

There is still so much more to do with this car, but I would hope that you join me in this adventure. Want to find out what I do next? Follow the series on this blog, or check out our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for some exclusive content and updates about what will be happening to this car next! Thanks for stopping by.