Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pull to the Right Syndrome | What PTR is and how to Cure it

pull to the right syndrome dylan benson the random automotive how to turn left

I drive a lot, and I've seen some stupid things that people do on the roads. Pull to the Right Syndrome (PTR Syndrome) is real, and it will cause accidents.

On roadways where there are two or more lanes that's turn left, bad things tend to happen.  All too frequently, people always seem to want to get into the far right lane after turning left, even if they are in the far left lane to start.

PTR Syndrome is when people expect others next to them to do this as well, or just don't pay attention and pull to the right.

I generally put myself in the farthest lane to the right before I turn, because I usually find myself needing to go the right. If I'm in the middle lane, I hold my place in that lane.  When I turn left, I stay in that lane.

There are countless times (especially when there are three turn lanes) when the person to the left will almost crash into me, because I hold my position in the center lane, which I am legally supposed to do.  They expect me to pull to the right.

pull to the right syndrome dylan benson the random automotive how to turn left

Frequently they do this without even signaling.  This is not only extremely dangerous, but an illegal lane change.  You must use your signal when changing lanes.  It is not optional.

If you have Pull to the Right Syndrome, there are things you can do.  One, pay attention.  Also, put down your damn phone and watch the road.  Stop making stupid assumptions.  Not everyone is going to be doing what you want or expect them to do.

There are rules and laws.  Driving is a privilege.  Respect it and pay attention.  The disease is curable, and it starts with you.

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