Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rotting In Style - 1974 Pontiac Ventura

1974 pontiac ventura sj 307 350 v8 alaska ketchikan rotting in style dylan benson

If you’ve been following this blog or YouTube videos recently, then you know the last two featured cars on Rotting in Style of been in Juneau, Alaska.  Well, now we are off to Ketchikan, Alaska, and if you look hard enough behind the trees, you may find this 1974 Pontiac Venture.  This car is hidden, and grungy, but I found it to show you guys.

This car is a mess though.  The metal is rusted, the chrome is corroded, the interior is torn, the dash is cracked, but even with all that, this car still looks badass!  There is something about an old American steel car with a V8 and grunge that is just so appealing to me.  I’m not a big ratrod fan, but this “style”, I am a fan of.  Since I doubt this car runs, it is a sad sight however.

Speaking of a V8, this car came with either a 250 cubic inch (4.1L) inline six, or a 307 cubic inch (5.0L) V8.  Now based off of what looks like a three speed automatic column shifter, I am going to guess this car has the 307 V8 which made around 200 horsepower.  Not much by today’s standards, and not even that great for 70s standards, but it’s a V8 in a two door car, so it has that “cool factor” going for it.

Now, when poking around here in places I shouldn’t be, I really took a close look at the interior and saw that it had about 74,000 miles on it.  I would assume those are all original miles, but there are some parts on the passenger seat.  I don’t know if it was being fixed, or rebuilt, or what, but for now it remains rotting in style.

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what about the 1979 z 28 tripple black is it for sale?

I doubt it is for sale. I don't ask, because it really isn't my business.

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