Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Best Driving Video Games (That I have Played)

Two things that I need to get out of the way: one is that these are games that I have played.  I won’t judge games that I have not played for better or worse, as that’s not fair.  Second, these games are DRIVING games, and not games that are specifically RACING games.  So for all of you Gran Turismo fans wondering why your games are not listed, please see the two reasons above.  The following games are in no particular order:

Driver (1999)
Courtesy of Pwned

Come on, it’s in the name!  I remember playing this game as a little kid.  You are the wheelman, the mysterious undercover cop trying to chase down the evil Jericho.  That first level in the parking garage was a pain in the you-know-what!  I just hated hearing “hey man, watch the paint”, and “OK, Man! OK! OK! OK!”  These were good times.  Aside from that, this game was something that I had never played before at the time.  It was the first real open world driving game for me.  Sure it had limitations, and the cars could be destroyed by just pushing another car, but it was fun!

Driver 2 was fun to get out of cars, and Driv3r was fun, yet too much like Grand Theft auto, but when I first saw that AMAZING live action trailer for Driver San Francisco based off of that first level of the first game, I was hooked.   This leads me to…

Friday, March 15, 2013

Chrome Wrap: The Average Joe’s Alternative to an Oil Sheikh’s Daily Driver

It’s simple: girls like diamonds, and guys like chrome.  Any guy who loves his car, bike or truck, will usually try to get a tasteful amount of chrome accents on it when the budget allows.  What one would commonly see is wheels, exhaust, interior trim, engine dress-up pieces, and the like.  But what about having a chrome car?  Well unless you own an oil empire in Saudi Arabia, you may have to settle for chrome wrap.

Some of you may be asking, “What is a wrap?”  For those who are new to this, I’ll explain.  It’s pretty much what it sounds.  A large sheet (or precut pieces of vinyl) is placed over a car.  It’s as simple as that.  Doing this will give the car a completely new look such as changing the car’s color, adding graphics, or both.  Take a look at this black Mustang being turned blue!

Courtesy of Auto Blog


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