Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rotting In Style - 1980s Toyota Land Cruiser

1980s toyota land cruiser fj60 abandoned rusty rotting in style sitka alaksa dylan benson db productions

It has been a while since there has been a Rotting in Style post, but hopefully this one will make up for the lack of them.  This one is definitely rotting.  Back in Sitka, Alaska, we have a mid 1980s Toyota Land Cruiser.  Its paint is rust color, and most of it actually is rust.  I guess that was some foreshadowing camouflage.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my IROC-Z post a little bit back, sometimes I have permission to take picture and videos, and sometimes I don’t.  This was an instance where I did not, so I had to be fast.  You will eventually see that this property has three rusty classic Land Cruisers, and they are all different models.  So to get them all, I had to move quickly as I was right in front of someone’s house.

Anyway, this truck is mostly rust now.  It’s very banged up as well.  The front end looks as if it slammed into something, and the rear definitely did as it was backup up right into the Land Cruiser behind it.  Lots of the quarter panels are incomplete because of the rust, and some holes are comical as you can easily fit your finger through them.

1980s toyota land cruiser fj60 abandoned rusty rotting in style sitka alaksa dylan benson db productions

This one has a custom roof rack, manually engaging four wheel drive, and not one, not even two, but THREE horn buttons to choose from!  Speaking of the interior, from what I could quickly see, the interior seemed in pretty good shape (at least compared to the outside).

Now I have heard that these Land Cruisers are tough trucks, so this would probably run as is.  However, I don’t see that this will be used any time soon, so for now, it will remain sitting Rotting in Style.

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1980s toyota land cruiser abandoned alaska rust


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