Friday, May 29, 2015

Cheap Yet Effective Quick Detailer

the random automotive florida dylan benson meguiar's quik detailer quick spray wax detailing mustang

For those of you that have read this blog before, you know that I wipe down my car each time before I drive it.  You also know that my favorite quick detailer is Bead X by Wax Daddy, and my second favorite is Dash-It.  Those bottles are expensive!  We’re talking around $16 for one bottle.  However, they are incredible products.  But since I use it almost daily, I couldn’t afford to keep up with it.

After browsing the shelves of Walmart, I decided to give Meguiar’s Quik Detailer a shot.  The thing that attracted me to it the most was the fact that it was around five bucks, and I am a cheap SOB.  I figured, why not?

At first, I will say that the bottle leaked for me.  Perhaps I broke a seal around the neck or something, but the bottle tipped over in transport, and I lost some product.  Again, for the price, I was not too concerned.  Aside from that, the bottle sprays very evenly.  That is something I really liked as both the bottles for the previously mentioned products are not that great.

Allow me to pause… I will be comparing this product to the more expensive ones quite frequently.  Why?  Because they are my benchmarks and I swear by them.  Un-pause…

the random automotive florida dylan benson meguiar's quik detailer quick spray wax detailing mustang
The first thing I actually noticed was the scent.  Bead X has an intoxicating scent that I love, Dash-It has a green apple smell (I don’t like green apple anything, but it was a good effort), but this smells like a cleaner.  Is that a bad thing?  Perhaps not, but it is something to point out.

At first, when I wiped the product off with a micro fiber towel on my car that had been sitting outside over night (after having been wiped off day after day before this), it didn’t feel as smooth as the other products.  That was an instant turn off.  However, I will say after days of using it, I have noticed a difference.  It did rain the night before the first use, so perhaps the cheaper detailer had a harder time punching through the extra grit the more expensive ones can tackle no problem.  It seems nice and smooth now.

It will aid it removing bugs, dirt, hard water spots, and other unwanted grim, and for around five bucks, it does quite well at it.  It leaves behind a nice shine that I am impressed with.  It’s very comparable to the higher end stuff.

I cannot say how long it truly lasts for since I apply it almost daily.  It doesn’t do much in terms of rain protection like Bead X does, but for how I use it (almost daily) it really doesn’t matter.  Also keep in mind that these products are not meant to replace washing your car, so they will never have as much protection as a good scrubbing and coat of wax.

I have noticed something less than ideal with this though.  When my car has been sitting in the sun and the metal is warm, this stuff tends to smudge and smear.  With my car being silver, I may not always notice it at certain angles, but after I apply it, wipe it down, and move on to another location (or worse, actually be done and get into my car to leave), at a certain angle, I will see smears and smudges.  Using the product over the spot again will generally get rid of it, so it’s not the biggest deal, but it is worth pointing out.

Will I buy this product again?  Absolutely!  I love my Bead X, but I can’t always fork out the money for the amount that I use it.  Do you use this product?  What do you think about it?  Let me know in the comment section below!

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Craigslist Car Crap!

Hello readers!  I am pleased to announce to you a new video series I will be starting called “Craigslist Car Crap!”  Basically what I do is go on Craigslist, randomly select a location, enter a stupid low amount, and see what kind of cars I can find for sale.

As you would expect, it’s mostly garbage, but some finds prove to be quite humorous!  So far I have one episode up, but I have a bunch filmed already that are waiting to be edited!  It’s a simple format with some comical narration, but I am even surprised by what I find sometimes, and people and spelling/grammar never cease to amaze me.

So, join me on this new adventure, Craigslist Car Crap!  The first episode is below, and you can head over to the Craigslist Car Crap page for all future episodes.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel to be alerted right away to new episodes.  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Honest Orlando Auto Shop

tuffy service center orlando winter park florida review full sail student discount

Auto shops are everywhere, and they all claim to help fix your car if something goes wrong, but how do you know who to trust?  Word of mouth, reviews, and so on.  All too frequently, shops may try to cheat you out of something.  I have been going to same shop for the last five years, and if you are in the Central Florida area, you should check them out too.

Tuffy Tire and Auto Service is a chain shop.  Chain shops can go both ways: you can hear good things, or bad things.  It pays to keep in mind though that they are individually owned, so one shop may be better than the rest.  I have been going to the Tuffy on Semoran Boulevard for years, and I am pleased every time.

They offer great, fast, and quality service, the people there are friendly, and they work with you on pricing.  They are a full service shop, so if you need something fixed (short of a transmission), they can help you.  They help out students as well with discounts; especially if you are a Full Sail student.

Full Sail students are treated very well there.  They are offered the best discount, and they are even given rides.  Not just to home from the shop, but even to and from class.  Want to buy a used car from a private seller?  Tuffy will check it out for FREE if you are a Full Sail student BEOFRE you buy it to assure that you get a car in working order.  You can always find them at the monthly Networking Summits that Full Sail hosts as well.

I will be honest and say that I normally just go there for oil changes, but recently I had some brake issues, and they took care of me quite well.  They always have deals on their website that you should take advantage of.

Great people, great service.  If you need something fixed on your car that you can’t handle yourself, or just don’t have the time to do, check out Tuffy on Semoran Boulevard (SR 436) and tell them The Random Automotive sent you!

Tuffy Tire and Auto Service
1222 N Semoran Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32807

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